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In the year 2073, not long after humanity discovered warp technology, interplanetary flights becomes possible despite prohibitively high power requirements. This imposes limit on the distance space vessels can travel. However, the limitation was soon eliminated in the year 2093, when arcanium ore was found on a remote asteroid. Arcanium provides extremely high power output while at the same time being very stable. We did not understand why, and hence we named it arcane-nium. In 2095, two years after arcanium was first found, we were able to efficiently refine it for use in warp engines. This allows human to travel further and faster than it was thought possible, leading to steep rise in demand of arcanium. Soon enough, we were able to reach the edge of our Milky Way Galaxy. It was in human nature to be explorers. The age of space colonization began.

We started sending settlers to build colonies on planets across the galaxy. With the aim to mine and gather valuable resources that were depleted or otherwise not available on earth, It was gold rush all over again. There were conflicts all over the galaxy as different groups compete to take control of planets which are rich in resources and/or are well-located for transportation. Even though these conflicts did not evolve into all out wars (yet), it hindered trades and logistics. In order to mitigate such conflicts, a group of spacefarer companies founded the Humanity Frontier Federation (HFF) in the year 2101. The goal of HFF is to protect its members and to establish regulations that would prevent conflicts. Rights to planets within the control boundary of HFF are auctioned. This reduced the number of conflicts by a great degree, however many years later, this will also lead to an interplanetary war, to be known as the War of Caladana.

In 2106, End of Line Spacefarer Corp (EOL SFCO), new member of HFF was founded. Its goal was to collect mineable resources exoplanets on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. Yields from these planets are less profitable, but there are also less competitions, making them less costly. Less demands for these planets also mean there is not much need to worry about other groups waging war or their planets (at least not for now). EOL SFCO settled on the planet Prometheus IV of the Alpha Saturnus system, which becomes their home base. In short time, they began building city and started arcanium mining operation at the planet's center, which arcanium deposits are most rich from recent asteroid impact. In order to increase productivity, they offered other lands for sales to interested parties, who may want to start their own mining ventures. If they're lucky, they may find arcanium deposits on their land, which EOL SFCO would offer to buy, almost guaranteeing them wealth for the rest of their life!

Settling down on a remote planet is never easy, and even is extremely dangerous. In order to entice settlers to join in the expedition, EOL SFCO award highly valuables collectibles to those with high performance and dedications. These collectibles are carefully handcrafted by Ennykay Isaliveay, the most prominent artist and sculptor. Some of these items are infused with essence of arcanium, making them highly sought-after items in the known universe. It is said that one has not yet lived their live, if they have not withnessed the true beauty of Ennykay's work with their own eyes.

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